Southampton's our home!

the 'marseille of england'

Made in:Here came to life in Southampton, a city which has been my home for many years and once described as ‘the Marseille of England’*

As an outsider arriving here after years of travelling the globe, friends challenged my reasons for staying, such is the poor repute of this city. But I’m an advocate of this thriving town and hold a particular fascination for its greatly overlooked history. AND its hugely gifted locals!

*Scam Likely, ”A View From The Bridge”


The Titanic – excuse the pun – is just the tip of the iceberg. Southampton’s history includes Flying Boats; the Spitfire; the Mayflower; the Bargate; a French Church; a working tidal mill; the world’s oldest bowling green and more, plus countless illustrious people – from Isaac Watts and Jane Austen to Benny Hill, Shelina Permaloo and Craig David.

So, to help Southampton take pride in its heritage and resources I worked with local people to develop products linked with local stories.

local ingredients, local MANUFACTURE

 Local shops with nothing local? Imported souvenirs?  Artisan foodstuffs, a miracle find? Please, no..!

 I embarked on a journey to find local artisans with the belief that Made in:Here could change things. And we did…Two years on, with the help of many other great locals, Made in:Here truly is the fusion of local manufacture with history & trivia.

Recently we’ve added a few carefully chosen products from beyond Hampshire: ethical, sustainable, handmade and with a local story!