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Your Summer Heatwave Survival Kit

organic lemongrass body lotion

Soaking up the sun or enjoying the shade? Lingering over the BBQ or under a cool shower? Whatever you’re up to this summer, Made in:Here’s Bodycare range will keep you cool, soothed and feeling fresh.

Best lotion to soothe sunburnt skin: Hampshire Mint & Lemongrass Body Cream

A member of the Made in:Here team caught a little too much sun at the weekend. Luckily, she had plenty of our Hampshire Mint & Lemongrass Body Cream (from £3.50) on hand to calm that furious skin and leave it soft, hydrated and smelling delicious. This deep moisturising lotion is handmade in Hampshire, using locally-sourced essential oils plus organic lime and lemongrass. It absorbs really fast, but the gorgeous fragrance lingers almost as long as your sunburn…

Best lip balm for hot lips: New Forest Lip Balms

Our tiny tins of New Forest Lip Balm (£2.20) are so cute you’ll want to buy the whole lot. Their flavours sound more like ice creams than lip balms: Lemon Zest, Lime Bite and Orange Tang, plus Original. Their mixture of New Forest beeswax, English crambe seed oil and shea butter will even the most sun-scorched lips kissable.

new forest lip balm

Best balm to soften dry hands: New Forest Hand Balm

Hands often get forgotten when we’re applying sun cream, so the backs of your poor mitts often become dehydrated over summer. Help restore their natural softness with our New Forest Hand Balm (£8.95), which comes in a large tin that you can re-use later, or get a little extra help from our special ultra-moisturising WISP Balm (£9.50). And if you’re a keen gardener or BBQ master, our New Forest Hand Exfoliant (£6.95) is brilliant for sloughing off dirt and dead skin, leaving your hands feeling soft and smelling nothing like a BBQ!

New Forest Hand Balm open tin

Best soap-free hand wash: Organic Lemongrass Hand Wash

Keep sweaty hands soft and clean with our Organic Lemongrass Hand Wash (from £2.95), plant-based wash that doesn’t dry out your skin like soap, so you can use plenty of it. Give the same treatment to your whole body with our Organic Lemongrass Body Wash (from £2.95), which smells so delicious you won’t want to leave the shower.

Lemongrass Organic Hand Wash Gallery Image

Best for fresh summer hair: Lemongrass Hair Wash and Ginger Spice Conditioner

Our Organic Lemongrass Hair Wash (from £2.95) is gentle enough to use every day, and won’t weigh your hair down or strip its natural oils. Then soften it without making it feel heavy, with our Citrus Ginger Spice Conditioner (from £2.95), with its fragrant blend of spicy ginger plus fresh, zesty lemons.

Best candle for a cool after-sun bath: Hand-Poured Hampshire Candles

Our Hampshire Lavender Candle and Herb Garden Candle (£6.95 each) are both hand-poured into recycled, reusable glass jars. Perfect for lighting your bath, or for dotting around the deck or verandah while you enjoy the garden late into those summer nights.

hand poured natural candle

Best treat to keep in the fridge: Chocolate Wave Bar

There’s nothing quite like a fridge-chilled bar of chocolate to round off a tough day in the sunshine. Our delicious Wave Bar (£2.75) is as close as you’ll get to the seaside in a chocolate bar. The crashing waves of dark and milk chocolate break along the middle for sharing, and the topping of English sea salt flakes really brings out the flavour.

quirky chocolate bar

  • Spend more than £30 and we’ll deliver your purchases free, anywhere in the UK
  • All our parcels are packed carefully and sustainably, using recycled and recyclable materials

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