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What’s In It? Our Favourite Local Ingredients

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Why do we use lemongrass to fragrance our bodycare products? What’s so special about New Forest peppermint? And why all the raspberries? We reveal the sustainable, health-giving magic behind Made in Here’s favourite ingredients.

1. Peppermint oil: Mosquito-repelling itch reliever

Peppermint is indigenous to Europe and has grown in the New Forest for centuries. Its oil has a lovely cooling sensation on the skin, making it a great itch reliever. In fact, it can help you avoid itchy bites in the first place, because it’s a brilliant natural insect repellent. Slap on some of our New Forest Hand Balm to help fend off ticks, spiders, ants and pesky mosquitoes.

Try it in: New Forest Hand Balm (£8.95)

New Forest Hand Balm open tin

2. Raspberry: The kind, fertile horse-whisperer

The raspberry is another much-loved Made in Here ingredient which our artisans grow and process in Hampshire and the New Forest. Berries are well-known antioxidants, but legend has it the raspberry’s magical properties go much further. Native American tribes used it to ease nausea contractions, while Hellenistic Troy saw raspberries as a sign of fertility. In early Christian artwork, the raspberry and its colour symbolised kindness. But our favourite is the old German myth that twigs of raspberry could tame bewitched horses!

Try it in: Berry Crunch Magic Circles (£4.25) and Great Taste Raspberry Conserve (£4.25)

berry crunch chocolate magic circles

3. Soy wax: Greener candles that last longer

Most candles are made from petroleum-based paraffin wax, which is non-renewable and about as bad for the environment as ingredients get. Soy wax (UK-sourced, non-GM) is not just renewable and sustainable, but it also makes better candles! This is because soy wax also burns more slowly than paraffin wax (so your candle lasts longer), as well as burning clean, with less soot. Soy also holds fragrance really well, so we don’t need to add chemical scent boosters to our candles to get them smelling heavenly.

Try it in: Hand-Poured Natural Herb Garden Candle (£6.95)

hand poured natural candle

4. Lemongrass: Our favourite fresh fragrance

Lemongrass originates from Asia, where it’s claimed to have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. We source our lemongrass from sustainable producers in the UK, where it’s successfully grown indoors and in summer. Lemongrass essential oil is the dominant aroma of our Hampshire Mint, Lime & Lemongrass bodycare range, thanks to its deliciously clean fragrance which lasts much longer than synthetic chemical alternatives.

Try it in: Hampshire Mint, Lime & Lemongrass Hand & Body Cream (from £3.50)

organic lemongrass body lotion

5. Ginger: Stimulating spice

Ginger is more than just a fabulous flavouring and a flag-wearing Spice Girl. This popular spice has been hailed throughout the ages for its medicinal properties, and has used in hair care for centuries. The juice, flesh and oil of ginger can nourish your hair, stimulate blood flow to the scalp, and even help you get rid of dandruff.

Try it in: Citrus Ginger Spice Hair Conditioner (from £2.95)

Citrus Ginger Organic Conditioner Gallery Image

6. Lemon balm oil: Heals the cracks

If you were lucky enough to have lemon balm growing in your garden as a child, you may remember rubbing it in your fingers to release a delicious, unforgettable aroma. The oil that creates this aroma (also known as Melissa essential oil) is extracted by our artisans and used in balms. It’s fantastically good for repairing chapped lips and soothing cracked, inflamed skin, and is also an effective natural treatment for cold sores. Just as well it tastes so good!

Try it in: Lemon Zest New Forest Lip Balm (£2.20)

new forest lip balm

7. Turmeric: Mellow yellow pick-me-up

Turmeric is yet another spicy ingredient that we source from UK producers, who cultivate it sustainably and locally- even though it originally came from a few thousand miles east of Hampshire! This warm, deep yellow spice is a mainstay of Ayurvedic medicine, which uses it to treat rheumatism, pain and fatigue. So you never know, it may give you a boost as well as tasting delicious.

Try it in: Great Taste Spicy Piccalilli (£4.25)
(p.s. click here for more on the origins of piccalilli, which dates back to 1769)

Piccalilli preserve

8. New Forest honey: The perfect fast fuel

New Forest honey is not just any old sugar. This natural unrefined sugar is harvested by beekeepers on Made in Here’s Hampshire doorstep, where the bees are free to graze on New Forest flowers including lavender. The body absorbs honey much faster than processed sugars, which makes it eternally popular among endurance athletes, including Olympic runners in ancient Greece! Honey is also packed with essential B-vitamins plus calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and potassium. So… another chocolate?

Try it in: New Forest Honey Chocolates (£10.95)

New Forest honey chocolate cubes with pretty bees decorations

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