outrageously special biscuits

We wanted more than just locally-made biscuits. 

We wanted to make biscuits with indigenous, traditional ingredients. So we searched throughout Wessex and settled on the very best ingredients we could find:

  • Wholemeal Flour from Eling Tide Mill, on the edge of Southampton. Eling Mill is one of just two working tidal mills in the UK. To this day, local flour is brought to the mill, where it is stoneground just like it was 800 years ago: as the tide rises and falls. The nuttiness and flavour of this wholemeal is really, very special.
  • White Stoneground Flour from Cann Mills in Shaftesbury. At the heart of the same family for several generations, Cann Mill features a century old waterwheel that powers millstones which grind the organic wheat into flour, giving it a truly superior flavour.
  • At the heart of the Vale of Camelot is a farmhouse where milk from local cows is churned the traditional way into butter. Its superior quality adds extra depth to the flavour of our biscuits. Take our word for it!
  • New Forest bees have access to a wide area and forage freely. The honey they produce is rich in flavour, that’s why we love it! To make our Honey & Lemon Bites, we replace some of the sugar with New Forest Honey, it adds a pleasant floral note to the biscuits
Eling Tide mill stones
RJ Mitchell, designer of the famous Spitfire aircraft, wanted it to be called the Shrew or the Scarab. Instead, it was named after the daughter of Mitchell's boss, whose fiery character had earned her the name 'spit fire'.
Aquila Airways
Aquila Airways was founded in Southampton in 1948, becoming a successful airline which operated 19 flying boats and completed its longest flight to the Falkland Islands in 1952. Famous passengers include Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher
Fish Fingers
Southampton played a major role in the success of fish fingers. In 1955, Clarence Birdseye tested herring sticks and cod sticks on shoppers in Southampton and Wales. The Southampton customers loved the cod sticks, which became known as fish fingers and rolled out across the country.
Warrior the War Horse
Warrior was a brave War Horse, wounded in France during WW1. Later gifted to the city of Southampton, he helped the police force. He died in 1935 aged 26 and his hoof was preserved, used as an inkwell by the chief constable. His grave can be found on the edge of Southampton golf course
The Dell
In February 1941 the Saints played a 'home' game at Fratton Park against Brentford. Their home stadium The Dell had been damaged by a German bomb leaving an 18-foot crater in the penalty area. In 1950 The Dell became the first ground in England with permanent floodlighting
Fanny Adams
In 1867 young Fanny Adams was brutally murdered by a solicitor's clerk in Alton, Hampshire. Soon after, new rations of tinned mutton were introduced for British seamen who were unimpressed by it. They suggested it might be the butchered remains of Fanny Adams. The expression "sweet Fanny Adams", or "sweet FA", has come through British naval slang to mean "nothing at all".
A Royal Charter
In 1952, the University of Southampton was the first to be granted a Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth II. This was recognition of its university status 90 years after the Hartley Institute was opened with £100,00 donated by Henry Hartley
Castle Vault
Castle Vault was built in Southampton c.1180 when the King of England invented a new tax on wine called the 'King's Prise'. Every ship entering the port had to give 1 cask in every 10 to the King: thanks to its constant cool temperature, Castle Vault was ideal for storage.
Mysterious Inventor
In the 1880s Southampton-born engineer William Cantello ran a pub on Bargate Street, below which gunfire could be heard. Credited with the invention of the rapid-firing gun, he mysteriously vanished. It is thought he and Maxim Harim, celebrated inventor of the Maxim gun, are in fact the same person
Coldplay Drummer
Coldplay drummer Will Champion was born in Southampton in 1978 to university professors. He performed in a band called Fat Hamster before joining Coldplay, first as rhythm guitarist before he took on the role of drummer. Chris Martin refers to him as 'a human jukebox'
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What our customers say ABOUT OUR TAGS

Margaret Hopkins

The trivia tags were a lovely touch. My husband Fon, an avid history buff, learnt a couple of new facts which delighted him as much as the Mayflower and Spitfire products he received for his birthday.

Paul Brookes

I'm a huge fan of the iconic Spitfire and really appreciated the Spitfire trivia on the tag which came with with the Spitfire paperweight.