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Pewter: The Eco-Friendly Wonder Metal

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Why do we love pewter? Not just because this lustrous metal looks classy and feels so good. But also because pewter is a sustainable, recyclable environmental superstar. Read on to find out why – and to discover our favourite Made in Here pewter gifts.

What is pewter, anyway?

Pewter is an environmentally-friendly alloy, made up of various sustainably-sourced metals. The pewter we use is 95% tin, 0.5% copper and 4.5% antimony. It is certified lead-free and nickel-free, which means it’s non-toxic, food-friendly, and won’t trouble sensitive skin or trigger allergies. Pewter has a vintage burnished look, which intensifies over time, so it ages beautifully.

warrior war horse pewter pencil topper

Pewter is 100% recyclable

Metal forgers can easily recycle pewter here in the UK. The process involves collecting scrap pewter, then melting it down in a smelting pot before cleaning it and pouring it into ingots for re-use. Our artisan ironmongers all recycle their own pewter.

Why is pewter a great 10th wedding anniversary gift?

Tin is the traditional 10th wedding anniversary material in the UK and US. But… does a lump of tin really say “I love you”? Perhaps a gift made from gorgeous, tactile pewter – which is 95% tin – would be more appropriate!

Now, how about those Made in Here pewter gifts? Let’s start with one of our biggest hits…

Best pewter gift for beer fans: Magnetic Spitfire Bottle Opener

Our cool and quirky Spitfire Bottle Opener (£13.50) is a detailed miniature of the iconic WWII Spitfire plane. It’s handmade from solid lead-free pewter, then plated with copper and brushed to give it a lovely vintage look. There are two magnets on the back, so you can keep it within easy reach of your beer on the fridge door.

spitfire bottle opener

Our favourite pewter plane flies again: Spitfire Key Ring and Paperweight

You want more Spitfires? We’ve got more Spitfires! Plane fans and military buffs will love our Spitfire Magnetic Paperweight (£10.50) and our Spitfire Key Ring (£5.50), both handmade from solid pewter here in the UK.

spitfire paperweight

Best pewter gifts for doodlers: Pewter Pencil Toppers

Buy one of these miniature pewter sculptures, and we’ll throw in a Made in Here pencil and Trivia Tag for free! Our handmade pewter pencil toppers include Warrior the WWI War Horse (£2.70), the Titanic Anchor (£2.50), the gold-plated Titanic Ship Wheel (£2.95), and the fabulous Spitfire (£2.70).

pewter pencil toppers

Best pewter gift for bird lovers: Gold Plated Robin

Some of our pencil toppers are plated with gold, on top of solid lead-free pewter. They’re stunning little pieces of jewellery for your pens and pencils. Our Gold Plated Robin Pencil Topper (£2.95) is perfect for a bird-loving friend, especially if they want to jot down their feathered sightings!

gold plated pewter robin pencil topper

Best pewter gift for US friends and family: Mayflower Lapel Pin

2020 marked 400 years since the Mayflower set sail to the New World from Made in Here’s hometown of Southampton. To celebrate the anniversary, we commissioned a beautiful lapel-sized pewter lapel pin of the legendary galleon ship. Along with the pin, we’ll include a set of four cartoon Mayflower coasters, created exclusively for Made in Here by Southampton artist Aaron Jay. At just £5.95 for the coasters and lapel pin, we think it’s a wonderful pressie for anyone across the Atlantic!

pewter mayflower pin and coasters

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