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Remembering RMS Titanic: Top Titanic Facts & Gifts

titanic pencil pewter topper wheel anchor

25 years ago this month, filming began on the movie Titanic. The loss of the liner in 1912 is a story close to our hearts at Made in Here. Scroll down to browse some top Titanic facts, our best handmade Titanic gifts – plus a few cool Titanic Did You Knows.

Why Titanic‘s Titanic got flipped

When RMS (‘Royal Mail Ship’) Titanic departed from Southampton in April 1912, she was docked on her port (left) side. But film director James Cameron chose to build and dock his Titanic on the starboard side (pic below). Why? He wanted the prevailing wind in Mexico, where Titanic began filming 25 years ago in July 1996, to blow the funnel smoke attractively backwards. To ensure the film looked accurate, the entire Southampton scene was flipped to a mirror-image in post-production!

titanic movie ship

Why RMS Titanic chose Southampton

Southampton is the only city in the world with a double tide, which means two high tides every day. This, of course, makes it much easier for ships to come and go. White Star Line switched its transatlantic service from Liverpool to Southampton in 1907, which established Southampton as Britain’s premier passenger port. White Star opened its state-of-the-art new deep-water dock in 1911. It was from Berth 44 of the White Star Dock that Titanic left Southampton on 10 April 1912.

rms titanic old photo southampton

A tragedy for Southampton families

RMS Titanic had around 885 crew members on board. Nearly all were casual workers – most (699, in fact) from Southampton – who only came aboard a few hours before departure. When the ship hit an iceberg and sank on 15 April 1912, more than 1,500 of the estimated 2,224 passengers and crew died. More than 500 Southampton households lost a family member. Blue plaques on the homes of crew members who died are a regular, humbling, sight around the city.

“Late in the afternoon hope died out. The waiting crowds thinned, and silent men and women sought their homes. In the humbler homes of Southampton there is scarcely a family who has not lost a relative or friend. Children returning from school appreciated something of tragedy, and woeful little faces were turned to the darkened, fatherless homes.”

Daily Mail, 23 April 1912

Visiting RMS Titanic’s resting place

Titanic director James Cameron has taken 12 dives to the wreck of Titanic to date. He broke down in tears upon surfacing after his first dive, and later spoke of finding it an overwhelming emotional experience. Cameron has spent more time with the ship than any of its passengers did in 1912.

rms titanic wreck ship

Visit the Titanic’s dock – with a professional tour guide

We can’t help you get to the wreck of the Titanic, but we can give you a professionally-guided tour of the dock from where she departed. With our E-Bike Classic Tour of Southampton, run in collaboration with See Southampton and the The Hub Cycleworks, you can even stand at the haunting spot where where loved ones waved off the ship in 1912. The tour is a wonderful, respectful 2-hour introduction to the historic docks and city, with qualified guides who’ll share their extensive knowledge with you. Tours take 2 hours every other Sunday morning, plus sunset tours on Wednesday. Tickets from £16.50 including electric bike hire.

EBike Tours Southampton

Pin a Titanic souvenir to your lapel

Our gold-plated Titanic Anchor Pin Badge (£5.95) is a small but perfectly-formed treasure, and would make a wonderful gift for a Titanic fan or marine enthusiast. The anchor is hand-crafted from solid lead-free pewter, which is sustainable and 100% recyclable, and then dipped in gold for a stunning jewel-like effect. We also make a gold-plated Titanic Ship’s Wheel Pin Badge (£5.95), which comes in large and small sizes.

titanic anchor gold plated pin badge

Anchor down with a Titanic pencil topper

Our solid pewter Titanic pencil toppers are fab little matching gifts for our pin badges. Our Titanic Anchor pewter pencil topper (£2.50) comes with a free Made in Here pencil, whose colour you can choose. We made gold-plated Titanic pewter pencil toppers, too, such as our gold-plated Titanic Ship’s Wheel Pencil Topper (£2.95). Whichever pin badge or pencil topper you go for (collect them all!), we’ll include a maritime Trivia Tag.

titanic anchor pencil topper pewter

gold plated pencil topper titanic wheel anchor

Give a Southampton Heritage Gift Set

Our Southampton Heritage Gift Set (£14.50) includes the best of our Titanic and Spitfire themed gifts, along with your choice of handmade Hampshire chocolate treats. A fantastic pressie for anyone interested in the Titanic or WWII, and a great souvenir of Southampton.

southampton heritage gift set

Enjoy a double tidal wave of handmade chocolate

Our Milk & Dark Chocolate Wave Bar commemorates Southampton’s double tide in tasty style. Waves of milk chocolate crash into waves of dark chocolate, topped with flakes of English sea salt. Grab this oversized 90g bar of chocolate, handmade by our local artisans, for £2.75.

wave bar chocolate

See an interactive scale model of the Titanic

Southampton’s SeaCity Museum features a permanent Titanic exhibition. Its centrepiece is a 1:25-scale interactive model of the liner. You can buy Made in Here’s Titanic gifts, and many more items besides, in the SeaCity Museum’s gift shop. Find out more at seacitymuseum.co.uk.

southampton seacity museum

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